Ewen McCahon

Software Engineer and Full-Stack Developer based in Sydney, Australia. Experience with a range of platforms including Docker, Kubernetes, NodeJS, Angular, Python, Adobe Experience Manager, IBM WebSphere, Amazon Web Services, and many more.

Ever since I got my first computer all those years ago, technology has fascinated me. Back then, my whopping 32MB of RAM allowed me to do things I previously thought impossible. I wrote my first program on a beige Dell box running Windows 98. At the time I thought BASIC was the greatest thing ever invented, and, although my code may have been a mess by today's standards, I was hooked.

Fast forward a decade and little has changed. The little boy who was blown away by the incredible opportunities of the PC is still finding out new and exciting ways to put them to use, although my access to hardware has improved somewhat.

Since leaving high-school I've followed my passion for computers into my professional life. I'm coming to the end of my undergraduate degree studying Computer Science at the University of Technology in Sydney, whilst working with the amazing content team at the National Australia Bank. Working with NAB has given me a perspective of the technology world to which I had never previously been exposed, and I have to say corporate life is quite different than I imagined.

Currently I spend my days introducing new technology and practices into the NAB ecosystem, most crucially bringing DevOps and Agile to what is traditionally a waterfall stronghold.

Previous Experience

I've worked with a range of software platforms and programming languages in production environments, including:

And a number of employers:


To see a variety of my previous projects and open source tools, my GitHub account is available at github.com/Neko-Design. Eventually, I plan to move some of the more presentable projects over to my portfolio website at neko.ac, however, as of now this has not been completed.

Contact Me

I have a presence on a variety of online services. For most general enquiries, email is the best option. You can reach me at [email protected].

For professional enquiries, LinkedIn is the preferred option. My profile is available at au.linkedin.com/in/ewenmccahon.

I'm also a member of the Moon Demon Company team working on cars in my spare time. If you'd like to see some of our projects, head over to moondemon.co.